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Journeysends Cinnamon Toast DNA-VP

Age: 6 1/2 months

Age: 4 weeks


DOB ~~ July 15, 2006

Height ~ 19 1/2"

Weight ~ 45#

Hips ~ OFA excellent

Natural Ear Set

Eyes ~ normal with no notations-2009

AHT Hereditary Cataracts (DNA HSF-4)~clear

Teeth ~ scissors bite with full dentition

MDR1 ~ mutant/mutant



Casa Deys Moonlight Express DNA-VP
Black C/W RF AS-20465E26M-PI F=15.13%
E127631 DN01936805

Ch Medalions Chilirojobymoonlight
Red Merle C/W AS-11149G26M F=15.52%
E76322 DL59107906

Ch Moonlights Hottest Thing Goin
E40708 DL43759902

Ch Some Like It Hot of Adelaide

Gingerbreds Sweet Success CD

Ch Rosewoods Summertime Romance
E56149 DL45660402

Ch Summertimes Special Effects

Ch Summertimes Tangerine Dream

Briarbrooks Made In Your Image
Black C/W AS-16981G24F-PI F=27.92%
E113603 DL82858502

Ch Briarbrooks Silver Medallion

Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill

Ch Briarbrooks Silver Sequence

Briarbrooks Imagine That II

Ch Briarbrooks Case In Point

Ch Heatherhill Make Mine Mink

Gemmells Fire When Ready DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W AS-21822G26F-PI F=11.84%
E131854 DN05194006

Ch Stone Ridge Goin For Revenge STDcs OTDd
Red Merle C/W AS-15968E25M-PI F=10.45%
E104468 DL79318602

Ch Carolinas Rave Reviews CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP
E85219 DL66169101

Ch Calais Outaoptions of Carolina STDs DNA-CP

Ch Royal Aires Jillerooofcarolina

Ch C.R. Red Legend of Stone Ridge
E71289 DL55930501

Ch The Luminary of Stone Ridge

Ch Windogos C.R. Precious Star CD ATDd STDcs

Ch Blue Isles Gone With the Wind
Red C/W AS-16756G24F-PI F=16.74%
E112051 DL81804605

Ch Sure To Be Famous of Tres Rios CD DNA-CP
E46726 DL43905801

Famous Amos of Tres Rios

Ch Brigadoons Dressed In Velvet CD

Ch Friends Angel
E70977 DL54516405

Ch The Man From Heatherhill

Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill


Dam ~ "Flair"

Dam ~ "Flair" at 3 years


Cynthia & Bud Moore

Parks, Arizona



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